How We Met

During their senior year of college, Jon and Liz met at a bar, an unlikely place to meet a likeminded infrequent drinker. Both were there with friends to watch some football. Jon, blending in with the crowd of Steelers fans, took notice of Liz, the lone girl in an Eagles jersey. After the game, he got her screenname asked her out over IM. Unable to resist Jon's invitation to Wendy's, Liz said yes.

They dated for 5 months, then graduated from college. Jon got an internship in California, while Liz stayed in New York. Not quite ready to call it quits, they kept their relationship together for the next 9 months through phone calls, IM conversions, webcam dates over Yahoo Pool, as well as a the occasional cross-country visit. When Jon's internship turned into a full time gig, some life-changing decisions had to be made. So, without much of a plan, Liz quit her job and moved to California.

Over the next few years, Jon & Liz weathered job changes and roommate drama. They explored California, traveled the country, ate awesome food, saw crazy shows, and made some great new friends. They figured they had a good thing going and decided to take the plunge. Jon & Liz are totally getting married!!!1!! lololz XD